Friday, 15 July 2011


I just wanted to give you all a quick update on what seems to be happening regarding the Julie Bass court case (see Blog entry entitled Reconsider Lawns, and published July 11, 2011). 

It would appear that the court case regarding Bass' vegetable garden has been dismissed, although the City Council is free to reinstitute the charges at any time as the vagueness in the by-law remains.  Bass has blogged that she and her family are worried that once the media focus dies down and the pressure is off, that the case will be reinstated.   Bass has also reported that she has been charged with having dogs without a license, and it appears that these charges are in retaliation to the international pressure brought to bear on the Council.  While she has paid all fines and obtained liscences, she still has a court date on July 26th - now to deal with the issue of her dogs rather than her garden. I will continue to follow Bass' blog, and keep you up to date.

In the meantime, I have taken the liberty of taking a just a few pictures to show some of the front-yard food gardens in Montreal, and the use of innovative space for gardening:

You can sneak in a bit of greenery and plant just about anywhere, as this tiny second-story window ledge shows.

Food can be pretty, and grown in front yards even when there isn't really a yard.

This front yard is pretty standard, until you take a closer look and see...

The gorgeous pears hanging from the branches.

A wild but lovely vegetable garden can be protected from judgemental neighbours...

...with the help of a fence, and some more creative gardening.

An ivy-covered entranceway and tiny front plot can be productive in many ways....

...and the use of a cherry tree is a real treat.

Finally, an example of short-growing ground cover that doesn't have to be mowed.  The specificities of landscaping, and how to 'organise' your front lawn can change, but the lush, cushiony ground cover can be a spring board.

Have a great week-end, Dear Reader.

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