Wednesday, 10 August 2011


As you read this, I am on vacation.   (Dedicated blogger that I am, I pre-prepared this and next week's blog so that I could just log on during my vacation and push "post".)  I thought that it was only fair for you , Dear Readers, to have a bit of a 'vacation' too, so for this and the next blog entry, your assignment is to enjoy and contemplate the following pictures. (I couldn't resiste getting the discussion started.)

 In terms of WHAT YOU CAN DO,  discuss the art, share it, and see the previous entry for a more complete list.  If you haven't already read the previous entry, then do so.  Enjoy!

In old Monteal.  I love the sense of urgency I feel whenever I see this.  I feel like I have to rush to pick it up before anything spills....what does that say about me!

Two of my favourites.  Sly, humorous commentary on modern tribalism perhaps...
...and I love the way they are surrounded by grass and meaddow, allowing you to discover the 'wild' in 'wilderness'.

Art comes in many forms, and corsettes constructed with spoons and bolts can spark a discussion.

Entitled "My Bleeding Heart", this fountain dripped red viscous fluid, and drew quite a crowd.

I love the contrast between the mechanical man in motion, and the sedentary man of flesh.

Even papier maché can be elevated to an art form.

Art can be found just about anywhere.  This piece is placed in a metro station.

This adaptation of an inukshuk guards a hotel entrance.  Again, the contrast between 'thing' and 'flesh' is interesting, I think.

Entitled "Urban Forrest", these wire and ribbon 'trees' line an alley near a Montreal museum.

This sculpture has a plethora of elements and focal points.

Some art is more relaxing than others!  More next week, and I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

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