Sunday, 19 June 2011


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Yesterday, Daniel Bonin (see previous Blog entry) held a candle light vigil, in honour of fathers and extended families who have lost their children.  Entitled "Fathers Care", this vigil allowed grieving fathers and families to come together and support each other in a public setting, and provided a platform for the participants to inform the general public about issues related to family court and lost children.  While there were a total of nine participants, many people asked questions. 

In fact, Daniel was able to reach people from other countries as well as native Montrealers.  Four grandparents, tourists from Israel, took the time to discuss the issues with Daniel, and a tourist from China also took about twenty minutes, asking questions and grappling with the issues.

Given the fact that steps forward are often of the 'baby step' variety in issues of social justice, Daniel felt it was a real success and plans to hold another vigil next year.  Here are the photos:

Taping posters announcing the vigil to poles around the park.

Handing out flyers and working the crowds at another Fathers' Day event held by the city.

Hoisting the banner.  "Responsibilite paternelle/Fathers Care" is what is written.

Each candle was given a yellow wind-shade, symbolizing missing children ("Tie a yellow ribbon...").
Handing out candles to passers-by, who wanted to take part.
A giant Fathers' Day Card was signed by two of the participants, symbolizing the importance of fathers in family life.

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